Best Hammock Rain Fly: Top Portable Rain Tarp for Camping|Backpacking

There are various hammock and rain tarp products available in the stores. On the basis of our research we’ve been able to find some of the best hammock rain fly tarp equipments. On the basis of thorough expert analysis, only three tarp shelter models have been able to be figured on to the lists of top three spots.

The Good

Eagles Nest Outfitters- ProFly Rain Tarp

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters - ProFly Rain Tarp


This tarp product comes with water shedding feature and is durable pretty much. It offers full proof protection against adverse weather conditions. This tarp can be used for multiple purposes during your camping journey.

Hennessy Hammock- Hex Rainfly- Rain Tarp

Hennessy Hammock - Hex Rainfly - Rain Tarp

This product works perfectly with all models of Hennessy Hammock to provide generous protection to the occupants from rain and win. It can easily be spread at a decent angle to provide huge covered space for relaxing and cooking.

Kelty Noah's Tarp Shelter

Kelty Noah's Tarp Sun Shelter


It provides weather protection and instant shade. It comes with taped seams to prevent water breaching. It is ideal for activities like backpacking, camping, boating etc.

The Bad

Kelty Noah’s Tarp Shelter

Rain tarp review-Kelty Noah's Tarp Shelter

Though this tarp is effective but its price is much higher. There is no point in spending too much money on a tarp. As it is available in various models so you can go for the less priced ones. At the same time, there is no need for following the setup instructions for that will make the matter complicated.

Hennessy Hammock- Hex Rainfly- Rain Tarp

Hennessy Hammock Hex Rainfly/Rain Tarp 70D Polyester


Overall it is a good tarp but only drawback is the weight. This tarp is ideal for those occupants whose weight is not above 1lb. Similarly, when there is heavy thunderstorm, it trembles which ultimately creates panic among the settlers inside.

Eagles Nest Outfitters- ProFly Rain Tarp

the ProFly offers long-lasting wear with excellent water-shedding capabilities.

This tarp is not ideal for winter camping expedition. It cannot fully protect the occupants from the drizzle and drops of the rain water. Besides, its straps and poles are not so strong and sometimes tremble a lot during the period of heavy catastrophic storm and thundershower.

The Bottom Line

Kelty Noah’s Tarp Shelter

Even though it is highly priced but it can be used as a single time investment. As it is made of good quality polyester so there is no scope of occasional or periodic wear and tear. In addition to that, it can be firmly installed in any weather condition without any loosening of the grip.

Hennessy Hammock- Hex Rainfly- Rain Tarp

This tarp ideal for outdoor camping in dense forest cover or in rough hilly terrains. It offers perfect scope of relaxation through its wide spread angle to spend special moments in absolute privacy.

Eagles Nest Outfitters- ProFly Rain Tarp

Though it can be used for all outdoor expedition but it requires some improvisation to provide better services to the occupants in future. For summer camping, this tarp is worth purchasing but for other seasons there is the need of covering certain drawbacks to make it fit for all seasons.


The tarps that we have till now emphasized are quite light weight and as well as portable. Including them on your travel lists will automatically reduce the load from your backpack and you shall have the required space to take other essential trekking gears and accessories.

The tarp comes with adequate cord & tensioners for standard setups

Unlike the traditional heavy weight tents, these are equipped with straps that ensure maximum stretchability of these portable tarps at any angular position. You are also relieved from the burden of bringing other related items like nails and ropes which are often required in a heavy tent camping.

Hennessy Hammock Hex Rainfly/Rain Tarp-great fly!

Unlike traditional tent clothes, these tarps are mostly made from superior quality of polyester that helps in instant drying of the moisture. Not only that, these portable tarps also needed less space for fixing in comparison to usual tent shelter. Some of these tarps that come with decent sizes and performances are the following:


1. Performance: There is no point in investing your hard earned money on a heavy weight tent which cannot protect you every time from the adverse weather conditions.

So it is better to buy any good quality portable tarp that will provide maximum covered space to enjoy lovely moments with your partner in absolute privacy. While camping in hot desert region such tarp will prevent you from the extensive heat of the sunrays.

These tarps are stretchable so you have the perfect choice to incline them on any angular position you like. You can also these tarps as backpack as well so there is no need for carrying separate luggage back.

They can also absorb moisture quickly without leaving any traces. These tarps can also be used for indoor purposes like hammock to provide comfortable sleeping experience in lawn gardens.

Hennessy Hammock Hex Rain Tarp-Easy to setup and provide great coverage

2. Features: Most of the portable tarps are equipped with the basic common feature of water shedding which means they prevent the accumulation of water and snow on the rooftops.

Apart from that, they can also withstand the pressure of falling branch of tree at ease without letting it tumble upon the head of the occupants. Most of it weighing around 1 lbs so do not exert additional pressure on the back of the hikers or backpackers.

Some of them are coated PU fabric which makes them really strong to withstand the blow of storm and snow without compromising the safety of the occupants inside.

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters - ProFly Rain Tarp

3. Price: Overall the prices of these portable shelters are within the reach of average people. Most of them are available at affordable prices but ultimately everything depends on the usage purpose of the people.

If you want to have tarps made of high quality polyester fabric then you need to spend much money. Buying of cheaply priced tarps can be ideal for indoor purposes only as they are unable to provide solid protective roof cover like those whose prices are comparatively much higher.

Initially if you go for the highly priced one it will put pressure on your budget but in the long run you will be spared from the trouble of buying another tarp. It is better to go for the one time investment than to spend twice on the same products.

As a wise customer you must have a fair idea of the prices of the tarps of renowned brands and at the same time you must have to be aware of the best possible deals in the market.

For that you can refer to various e-commerce websites from where you can easily compare the prices, features and other specialties of the tarps of reputed brands.

Kelty Noah's Tarp Sun Shelter-It worked great against the sun and rain


Kelty Noah’s Tarp Shelter: This portable tarp is quite popular among backpackers, hikers and trekkers. For long distance camping, it is the ideal companion of the people without exerting much pressure on their shoulder.

It comes with the dimension of about 12 x 12 x 4 inches which provides maximum coverage area in secluded remote places. Other luggage and cooking materials can be stored here easily without any scope of getting dampened from the impact of moist atmosphere. Both in rectangular and diamond forms it performs best.

This is my favorite camping gear purchase of the year. Putting up this tarp is so easy, but get the Kelty poles

Hennessy Hammock- Hex Rainfly- Rain Tarp: It is compatible with every model of Hennessy Hammock brand with excellent performance. Its angle of suspension can be easily altered to get maximum shadowy space.

With an weight of 1.6 pounds, it stands steady to heavy blowing snow and thunderstorm without affecting the safety of the settlers.

It can be used for safe storage of cooked food without any penetration of moisture and water drops. Apart from that it is compressible and so can be easily packed inside the rucksack without consuming additional space.

Overall, this is a great tarp, with great features

Eagles Nest Outfitters- ProFly Rain Tarp: This tarp offers unbeatable performance and is ideal for both outdoor and indoor camping purposes. It can be easily fixed with maximum stretchability.

Though there is some problem in handling torrents of rainfall but with certain modifications it can give tough competitions to the products of other brands. It offers the safest means of accommodations to the campers irrespective of the climate and weather of the region.


Kelty Noah’s Tarp Shelter: This light weight tarp is notable for its weather protection and instant shade features. Its water proof polyester makes it invincible from any sort of rain water damage.

Its cords come with the plastic length adjuster for determining the level of suspension. So on the event of heavy storm it can retain the supportive grip of its straps easily.

Hennessy Hammock- Hex Rainfly- Rain Tarp: This PU coated tarp is ideal for those camping sites which are frequently marked by heavy blowing wind and torrential rainfall.

It can be simply staked on either side of the hammock close to the ground region. Being made out of good quality polyester fabrics, there is no chance of experiencing tiny pores or holes in them even after using for a considerable span of time.

Eagles Nest Outfitters- ProFly Rain Tarp: It is an outstanding product of this brand which has already occupied the top preference of the hikers and backpackers all over the world.

This tarp shelter is mainly notable for its water shedding features that prevents accumulation of rain water and snow over the rooftops.

It gives absolute freedom to the campers to streamline its shape for the purpose of developing water front base camp. Apart from sheltering tarp, it can be used for backpacking your hammock and other camping equipments.


Kelty Noah’s Tarp Shelter- The price of this tarp shelter ranges from $ to $$ depending on your choice of models of this brand. But it is opt for the one that comes with higher price for that will guarantee single time investment with long period of use without incurring further expenditure on maintenance and repairing.

If you just want to have one for your summer camping then there is no problem to opt for the lower price one. But for harsh seasons, the costly one shall provide you maximum support.

Kelty Noah's Tarp 12

Hennesy Hammock- Hex Rainfly- Rain Tarp- The market value of this PU coated tarp shelter is about $$ which is within the reach of average customers. Many customers who have used this tarp expressed satisfaction over its solid performance and specially appreciated its stretchability for maximum shadow coverage. It is ideal for places that are known for torrential rainfall with thunderstorm.

Hennessy Hammock - Hex Asymetrical Rainfly - Rain Tarp (Bark)

Eagles Nest OutfittersPro Fly Rain Tarp – The cost of this tarp shelter is around $$$ which of course you will not mind to spend if quality is the sole yardstick of your purchase. You cannot ignore its outstanding features as well as performance during adverse weather conditions. Besides, it can be used for innumerable purposes thus limiting your expenditure to a significant extent.

ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters ProFly Rain Tarp, Ultralight Hammock Accessory, Black

Best Hammock Rain Fly

Till now the three tarp shelter models that we have rated and reviewed so far, one thing is clear that there is no substitute of performance and features. On the basis of these yardsticks, Eagles Nest Outfitters- ProFly Rain Tarp is adjudged to be the best one.

Its growing popularity among the campers itself serves as the testimony of its properties and features. It is not only having highest degree of longevity but also ensures maximum comfort of the occupants under its shadow cover both for resting and cooking.

ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters ProFly Rain Tarp, Ultralight Hammock Accessory, Black

Best Bang for Your Luck

There is no harm if you look for a budget shelter tarp but you cannot ignore the aspects of performance and features. If you find such aspects in a highly priced trap models then do not hesitate for crunch of budget.

Just go for it as this will be your one time investment only. Buying cheap rain tarp fly models can result in heavy expenditure in the future. Hence it is better to go for the one that will minimize your trouble in the later part of your life. In this regard the tarp model of Eagles Nest Outfitter would do fine.